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The Subconscious Mind is an area which we all should pay more attention to as it literally runs the show when we are busy doing things and are distracted. With repetition & personal development, the Subconscious Mind can be purified & be an amazing ally.

The Subconscious mind should be something we all learn in school in my opinion and once fully understood is truly life changing. I highly suggest to do further research about the Subconscious Mind as awareness in this area can only benefit you & should not be feared at all.

Basic awareness of negative subconscious traits is all that you need to be able to rewire any type of behaviour within yourself that you would like to level up & upgrade. Here is an image of what the subconscious mind looks like:

Check out two video's I did on the Subconscious Mind... amazing awareness :)

PRACTICE: I highly suggest to watch the videos I have provided :)

What Is The Subconscious Mind
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