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Smoothies are something that I highly recommend looking into as they are amazing for us aswell as taste amazing! Smoothies are a great way to get in your daily fruit & veggie intake if you struggle to find the time to eat each fruit/veggie individually.


Also, amazing super-food powders such as Spirulina, Maca, Turmeric & Cacoa Powder, etc go great with smoothies and are very beneficial for us all aswell as other super-food seeds like Chia Seeds & Hemp Seeds.


Depending on what you actually put in your Smoothies, the benefits can vary but a standard Smoothie benefits are:

+Enhances Immunity

+Detoxifies the Body

+Improves Bone Health

+Boosts Brain Power

+Assists in Weight Loss


I personally have been a juice guy for quite some time, always using my traditional fast-spinning juicer (which I still highly recommend if it's what you use) until I was advised to go cold-pressed... i'm glad I did the switch.


Although at the beginning, it was a lot more of a slower process, I can feel & taste the difference! Cold-pressed juices are full of nutrients that assist your body in so many ways such as detoxification and boosting immunity.

This Slow method of extraction is basically the best method of having fruit & vegetables apart from eating fresh as it retains vitamins, minerals, enzymes & even taste!

Another great advantage with Cold-Pressed Juice is if making fresh, it lasts for a week or so and still has that fresh, beautiful taste.

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