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An Energy Imbalance has the same meaning as triggers, but I usually refer to it as an energy imbalance. An energy imbalance is simply something within yourself that is after attention, awareness, healing, etc and the best part about it is as soon as you shine light on whatever energy imbalance you are experiencing, it's only a matter of time before it goes away!

Needless to say, to remove this imbalance within you, you still need to do some work & shine some light on whatever is affecting you. Pure awareness in the moment shining on whatever is throwing you off balance is enough to defeat the imbalance eventually. The more vigilant you catch yourself being triggered, the more awareness you give it to be remove from being a negative thing. Rewire energy imbalances to whatever you feel is necessary to flip the switch, embrace them and make them your ally. It's completely up to you if you choose to give them a new meaning which you are more than capable of.


I suggest that the next time you get triggered, be calm and go towards/deal with it head on which sometimes can come across as daunting as it's basically facing darkness/the unknown but going towards it will lead to freedom from that imbalance. Dealing with the imbalance will lead to learning the lesson/evolution within that was needed which may be more self-love, more self-trust, more open mindedness, more patience, less ego, etc. 

So I suggest dealing with energy imbalances head on & if you don't, more than likely a similar situation will present itself in the future. That's why dealing with anything that's affecting your state of being is massive to living in Freedom within.

PRACTICE: The next time something affects your state of being, be AWARE IN THE MOMENT and deal with the energy imbalance. I highly suggest to find a quiet spot & potentially meditate or slowly breathe and go within to seek answers if you need to. We all have the answers to what's going on in our lives within ourselves.


So Going Within & feeling it (even if it is pain) is sometimes what's needed as it will allow you to Heal/Strengthen/Grow/Evolve what was needed in that moment. It also allows us to do some self-reflection which leads to self-awareness, self-growth & ultimately evolution within.

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