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Living in the Moment is when you are Present and truly AWARE of the Present Moment! When you live in the present moment, you're fully aware of your surroundings. This leads to better decision making, calmness, more enjoyment in what you do in the moment, heightened ability to feel more love, more expressiveness of giving & sending love.


The opposite of this is when you aren't fully present, basically distracted in the moment (maybe thinking about what happened yesterday/what bothered you earlier in the day or thinking about what you are doing later on in the day). By being aware of these things and setting an intention of not having any distractions in a given moment is a great start & the rest will flow!

Practice: I highly suggest to BE AWARE IN THE MOMENT when you are both Present in the Moment (to see/feel how good it is with everything being clearer & more enjoyable)... compared to when you are not truly Present in the Moment. When you are not truly Present in the Moment, BE AWARE of this & through repetition, you will be able to slowly re-direct every moment to the Present Moment (removing the distractions).

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