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Discipline is such an important tool in our everyday lives. Discipline also assists in levelling up as it's basically an ability to have self control over actions, reactions & decisions that you make! Self Discipline is a simple choice at the end of the day, the only thing that's stopping self discipline is ourselves. For some this takes longer than others but using this old Italian saying "piano, piano" which means "slowly slowly" (you can use this if you like) as ultimately, there is no rush, be patient with yourself but take action & start being more disciplined if that's what you would like to bring into your consciousness. 


Discipline is a sign of inner strength & will literally lead you to a place where you are in complete control of yourself and you can literally defeat any sort of low vibrational frequency such as laziness, indecisiveness or any area that potentially can creep up on you.


This amazing skill can literally change your life & transform your total way of living, even if you have just a teeny weeny bit of it. I would highly suggest spending time on your discipline as it will help you achieve whatever you want to achieve or live however you want to live.

PRACTICE: To further develop your Discipline, BEING AWARE IN THE MOMENT if you are lacking Discipline & re-direct the moment so you be Decisive & Disciplined. With Repetition, you can totally reconstruct your ability to be Disciplined & the more you re-direct Undisciplined behaviour to Disciplined behaviour, the more Disciplined you will become.

For example, having too many pieces of Chocolate (this was once me) & simply BEING AWARE IN THE MOMENT of smashing the Chocolate, re-directing that habit or action to how you want it to be and through repetition comes results. Patience for the win legendary soul :)

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