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Some would call these Evolutional Experiences, mistakes but I choose to shy away from that word as whatever we may feel is a mistake is only going to benefit us moving forward as long as we learn the lesson that is asking to be learnt. Learning from evolutional experiences is all that is needed to not allow the same type of situation be able to enter your consciousness again. As I say, defeat a fear, situation, saga once & that's enough to not allow a similar type of situation into your consciousness as you now know better.


Acceptance, Awareness & Understanding of what could of been improved in the evolutional experience is paramount to this as you know what needs to be evolved/improved to learn the lesson that is asking to be learned. 


This is an amazing way to learn from anything you feel you could of done better with and also to not be hard on yourself as you have rewired it to be an evolutional experience. This can take you to amazing heights within if you are true with yourself as you can rewire old habits/old ways that no longer serve your best version of you .

PRACTICE: BEING AWARE IN THE MOMENT of a situation you believe you could of done better at, accept it, feel it if you need to feel it & understand that you are evolving everyday and this situation is an evolutional experience that once learnt, can only allow you to move forward with more wisdom & strength than ever before.

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