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Meditation is probably the Healthiest Habit I can recommend as it's amazing for your health & even growth! It's something that doesn't need to be done for a long period of time (even 1 minute a day can be a start) but I recommend daily practice.

Some of the amazing benefits of this beautiful gift are:

+Reduces Stress

+Reduces Anxiety

+Reduces Depression

+Reduces Pain

+Increases Creativity

+Increases Focus

+Increases Memory

+Increases Compassion

+Increases Productivity

+Helps enable Emotional Balance

So many areas that can assist us in our day to day lives here!

Trying to find a habitual practice time, say if it's just as you get up in the morning or when you're about to go to bed at night will assist in maintaining this beautiful gift of a habit. Another amazing time to Meditate, especially for people that work a 9-5 job, is as soon as you get home from work... this literally gives you a fresh start & a clear mind for your evening experience (with family/friends or whatever it is you want to do). 

I talk about meditation in the Zen, Flow & Relax section as well as the Spiritual section in others areas of Meditation so if you want to learn more, head over to those sections otherwise check out my PRACTICE message below to assist you with Meditation.

PRACTICE: The first thing I want to mention here is don't put pressure on yourself with being perfect at it straight away as like anything, practice will lead to improvement. Anyway, find a quiet place away from any distractions and allow some time for yourself, sit or lay there in silence with calming sounds (check out my YouTube meditation above if you like) or no sounds and basically just focus on your breath and calmly & slowly breath. Thoughts may be there & that's perfectly fine, allow the thoughts to be there but try to not connect with those thoughts, instead allowing those thoughts to be like clouds floating above you and as soon as your awareness is away from your breath, slowly bring your attention back to the breath. Please be patient with yourself.


Conscious Breathing is amazing for you as awareness of your breath in the moment, takes you to the present moment. Conscious Breathing has so many benefits as it:

+Calms you down & Reduce Stress/Anxiety Significantly

+Burns & Eliminates Toxins in the Blood Stream

+Increases Blood Circulation in the Body

+Lowers blood pressure

+Boosts our immune system

+Improves digestion

+Enhances libido in both sexes.

But the number one benefit for me is that it brings you to the present moment, which is all that actually exists... the moment.

PRACTICE: Watching my YouTube video will assist with this but the next time you are a bit stressed and not in the present moment, be aware and Conscious Breath 10 times and see what your state of mind looks like then.

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