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Self-Love is important in living in your truth & your vibration. It's also important in Raising Your Vibration! It will lead to Trusting Yourself, Accepting Yourself, Believing in Yourself & basically allowing Yourself to be Yourself at all times. 

If there are obstacles in the way of completely Loving Yourself... it's like anything...we can just approach it with a "piano, piano" ("slowly, slowly") attitude as there is no rush but there is an intention which will be achieved if you truly want it.

You already Love Yourself so much in many different ways and treating yourself & looking after your Body, Mind & Soul is the key in Levelling Up this area.

These are 6 simple steps in raising your self-love vibration:

1. Be Yourself.

2. Trust Yourself.

3. Positivity & Believe in Yourself.

4. Don't be Hard on Yourself & Forgive Yourself.

5. Invest In Yourself.

6. Love Yourself.

PRACTICE: To further develop your Self-Love, I suggest to do Kind Gestures for yourself that are assisting in raising your vibration (by reading these words, you are giving yourself such self-love so well done) & continually looking after your body, mind & soul in whatever way you feel is right for you.

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