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This Zen Activation's Intention is to upgrade your experience! Through raising awareness with techniques & hacks, this activation will upgrade your everyday life! It's also designed to reduce stress/anxiety from day to day experiences allowing the beautiful breath/calming hacks to guide you back to the present moment.

Feel into the Power of the Breath
Feel into the Clarity of Stillness & Silence
Feel into the Calmness of Nature, Grounding & Sound

The Activation is $44 AUD or I am open to receiving an energy transfer/barter.

Thank you legendary soul.

The 3 Chapters of The Zen Activation:

Chapter 1: Feel into the Power of the Breath:
*Amazing Breathwork Awareness Upgrades
*Epic Stress Relief Breathwork Techniqu
es such as Deep Belly Breathing
*Instant calm Breathwork Techniques such as Alternate Nostril Breathing

Chapter 2: Feel into the Clarity of Stillness, Silence & Meditation
*Stillness & Silence Awareness & Empowerment
*Slow Down Hacks & Tips
*The Gift that is Meditation. Te
chniques & Awareness

Chapter 3: Feel into the Calmness of Nature, Grounding, Music.
*Awareness about the Gift that is Nature, the Sun & Grounding
*The magic & power of calm music

*Go to
 your email address & Checkout
*Within 24 hours you will receive the password 
to access this activation
Feel free to email me at for any questions.

Tap the image below, type in the password (received after payment) & begin this magical upgrade!

Peace & Love To You All.

Active Breathing
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