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Calm/Peaceful Music has so many benefits to us! It assists with moods, allows relaxation, allows a flow-state, encourages a calm mindset. 

When experiencing a difficult moment or situation, some of the best tactics are so simple! Firstly breathing is an amazing hack to bring you back to yourself aswell as calm music! Calm music will bring you back to calmness & out of a fast pace. Vibrational frequency’s are a great idea also such as 528hz & 432hz to raise your vibration & enhance your awareness. Great hacks here!

While we are talking music... Music is simply Magical & by magical, I mean magical! By simply listening to positive/upbeat music is enough to positively influence your state of being. Even listening to lyrics that have meaning and positivity to them is again enough to positively influence you. Check out my video on this below :)

check out BINAURAL BEATS page

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