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I guess it's common knowledge but another one I needed to put in here as sometimes we can forget to get our daily dose of Sun! It's advised to get between 10-15 minutes of Sun per day but everyone has different bodies and go with what feels right you. When natural sunlight hits our skin, it triggers the body's production Vitamin D also known as "the Sunshine Vitamin".

This is a crucial ingredient for overall health as it lowers blood pressure, helps muscles, improves brain function & may even protect against cancer.

The Sun really does looks after us & more positive effects our beautiful friend in the sky has are: 

+Reduces stress levels

+Boosts our immunity

+Improves our mood

+Improves sleep

+Assists in weight loss

+Assists in bone health

+Assists with depression.

As you can tell, I'm a Sun-Lover & love getting myself some Vitamin D, it's truly a gift to us all :)

YouTube Video Link:

PRACTICE: Practising Sun-gazing in the morning, within an hour of sunrise & an hour of sunset as it's the safest when the sun is the closest to Earth however it's also perfectly fine to sun-gaze throughout the day but just know your limits.

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