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If ever encountering a stressful situation, I highly suggest to BE AWARE IN THE MOMENT you are feeling stressed and take action/do something about it.

There are number of ways you can deal with it but Two Ways I highly suggest are:

Conscious Breathing: basically when you are aware you are a bit unbalanced, try to pause/stop what you are doing and slowly Conscious Breathe. Do say 10-15 Conscious Breaths and see how you feel. Also, focusing on your Diaphragm while you conscious breathe is the best form of Conscious Breathing for me (also known as Deep Belly Breathing-link to my video below). At the end of the day, give it a try, have a good crack at it and see how you go :)

Another way I suggest to defeat stress is as simple as walking away from the position you are in when you felt that unbalanced/stressful situation. So if you are laying or sitting down and you're feeling unbalanced, move away from that bubble of energy you are in and go to the next room even. BE AWARE IN THE MOMENT of how you respond to moving away from the negative energy spot and use it in the future if it works for you :)

Another way I suggest to defeat stressful situations is to Practice Positivity! Setting an Intention & being Disciplined to look for the Positives in any situation is highly suggested here to assist in defeat stressful situations. BE AWARE IN THE MOMENT of feeling the stress/negativity & focus on being positive and things you are grateful for, instead of allowing stress/negativity to run the show.

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