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Grounding/Earthing is purely & simply contact between your skin and this beautiful planet we call Earth. It is such an amazing gift we have at our disposal and most likely, it's literally walking distance away as you read this sentence. Grounding has so many amazing benefits such as it: +Improves your Mood

+Improves your Sleep

+Reduces Aches & Pains

+Reduces Stress

+Improves Wound Healing

+Improves Immunity

+Reduces Inflammation

+Reduces Jet-lag.

Check out Dr. David Jockers (Doctor of natural medicine, Nutrionist & Chiropractor) website for more information about the magic that the Earth provides for us!

PRACTICE: If you have yet to start your grounding adventures, don't be hard on yourself, instead I suggest take your shoes & socks off, go for a walk outside and put your bare feet on the surface of our beautiful planet. Feel the love from our beautiful Mother Gaia.

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