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I made the switch over to organic food within a year of writing this (early 2020) and I am so glad I did so! I understand, Eating purely Organic can be expensive, that's why I suggest to do the best you can as it'll still make a difference in my opinion as that's how I started.

Some of the benefits of Eating Organic are:

+Increases Energy

+Increases Intuition

+Enhances Immune System

+Prevents Cancer & Premature Ageing

+Reduced Pesticide Presence

+Promotes Animal Welfare.

Plenty of positives there and that's just to name a few, do your own research and make the switch if it resonates with you. One more thing I want to add here is do your own research about the standard fruit & veggies from the supermarket as they are sprayed with chemicals that aren't overly good for us so if you like look further into this and make up your own mind.


Again, this is an area that I highly suggest to do more research in & learn more about as Processed Foods and GMO (GMO=Genetically Modified Organisms) Foods are not particularly good for us. Only you can make your own mind up, that's why research here will benefit you & your family greatly in the long run. All I will say is some of these foods can distort our ability to think clearly & impact negatively on a clear mindset... again, do your own research.


Sugar is not very good for you... but hey, you already knew that. I know, sugar tastes great but it isn't particularly good for us and one thing I learnt with research is that it's man-made which I didn't like... again, do you own research if you want to learn more.

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