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I'm so glad you are reading this information as Clear Communication will only enhance your life!


It will allow you to be clearer & more direct when talking to others which will lead to others being clearer & more direct with you. It will lead to less fighting/arguing & less uncertainty with others or even internally, as you are being more direct & clearer with your communication.

Ok, so when communicating with others, I suggest being as honest, calm & clear as possible in whatever you are communicating about, aswell as really meaning what you say so that the message you are giving to the other person is interpreted as you would like it to be interpreted. 


When communicating in a rush, in riddles, in anger, in sadness, in fear, nagging, in frustration or yelling... the message you are sending is not being transmitted to the other person appropriately & correctly and may well be distorted through the other persons perceptions/ears.


However when practising communication with an intention of being as calm as possible & as clear as possible, your communication and conversations with others will be better than ever and clearer than ever! 

Also being a good listener, holding space for others & not interrupting is another way of ensuring clear communication as by you leading by example & being a good listener should hopefully (not all the time but most of the time) lead to the other person listening to what you have to say instead of interrupting.

PRACTICE: Being AWARE IN THE MOMENT when you are having a conversation with someone, if you are angry, yelling or any other negative communication styles above... you have the power to redirect those actions to be calmer and clearer to allow a much better conversation.

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