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In this area I suggest you to do you... however if you want to hear what i've got to say about this, keep reading. I heavily suggest to try slowing down many aspects of life in general from walking, to eating, to drinking, etc. This will enable your mind to be calmer & flow more easier. Some of the time you may be in a rush, I get it but at the other times... what's the rush?

Slowing down walking for example... again if you are in a rush, hey you do you... but if you are not in a rush, maybe try to slow down your pace, allow a flow-type walk and see if it works for you. I will never forget when I was roughly 24 years old, on holiday with a mate (who is the slowest walker of all time haha) and I was pacing around while he was lagging behind... I said to him "what are you walking so slow", he replied "what's the rush, we're on holidays man". My fast pace walking days were numbered with that wisdom from my friend.

The same legendary friend also gave me wisdom about eating as I love my food and when we ate together, I would be finished, while he had half a plate left... again he said what was the rush. This also assisted me greatly as I feel like I enjoy my food more, well it lasts longer for sure haha. My digestion has even improved by implementing a slow pace of eating also. Try for yourself if you like or don't... at the end of the day, you do you :)

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