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Making better decisions will assist your well-being and basically your life as you will be in a better state of mind to make those tough calls. I heavily suggest to trust your Heart, Intuition & Gut instinct in any decision making moment.

A way to allow that to come through easier is to try to be calm, neutral, balanced & unbiased (not asking anyone else what they think) which will result in a pure decision that came from within.


The more you do this, the more you empower yourself to make those tough calls. Initially you may not make the best decisions but maybe you do & are in fact a legend at decisions! Empower yourself, trust yourself, you got this!


If you are to ask others for advice, all I will suggest is ask the people that are closest to you & trust the most as they will give the best advice obviously.

PRACTICE: Not asking others for their opinion will ultimately empower yourself to trust yourself more & more and lead to further evolution within.

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