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Taking things personally doesn't help you at all. Understanding how taking things personally works can lead to a significant reduction of getting offended by anyone.


Understanding that other people live a completely different life to you is paramount for this teaching, so if someone says something that contradicts your beliefs/opinions or something mean/rude to you... they are literally reflecting their beliefs & opinions of themselves onto you. Think about it, would someone really happy & positive within themselves attack and say/do nasty things to you? And in the case of beliefs/opinions, there are 8 billion beings on this planet, having a different opinion/beliefs is natural & shouldn't be taken personally.


If someone says/does something nasty to you, be aware that the state of being of that person which will lead to not take things too personally as you know they are potentially in pain within themselves.

If someone has a different belief/opinion to you, you can observe them & their reality & leave it with them while continuing to stay in your energy.

For example, if someone that's in a good state of being and is in fact not reflecting their reality has an opinion or is suggesting something to you which you disagree with, remember... its your life, do what you feel. And remember nobody knows your life better than you! So you're well within your rights to leave that persons opinions/beliefs with them and basically leave their thoughts/energy with them.


So please, Trust Yourself & Back Yourself at all times :)

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PRACTICE: BE AWARE IN THE MOMENT of taking someone personally & understand it's as simple as not identifying with it, if you feel that belief/opinion doesn't belong to you, you can leave it with them. This may take time, so be patient, don't be hard on yourself & Trust The Process. (Another way to put it is leave their energy with them, so instead of taking that negative/unwanted energy on board... simply leave it with the person).

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