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Meditation is so simple, replace that word with simply stopping & breathing. Meditation does truly amazing things to our body, mind & soul but here I want to focus on how great it actually is for our body and our mind! Firstly, if ever you are seeking relaxation and an amazing tool (weapon) to defeat stress... MEDITATION IS THE ANSWER. Practice it for 20 minutes a day, practice it for 5 minutes a day, whatever suits the individual but if you allow it to assist you, it will.

Meditation is truly a gift and once we form a habit of it, it can truly allow you to be free of stress and basically be used as a balance provider if you ever need a reset or any sort of balancing.

Meditation calm the mind and even calms the body.

Meditation is an absolutely magical hack to live this experience the way it’s meant to be lived. It allows you to be you, it allows balance, it allows calmness, it allows clarity, it allows you to just be you. So if you’re asking how to meditate or the easier way to meditate, tune into the below videos.

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