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Alkaline Water is basically filtered water that is better for you than tap water. Some of the benefits of making the switch from tap water to Alkaline Water are:

+Assists with digestion

+Helps detox the body by removing heavy metals

+Better for our skin & can make us look younger

+Great for muscle & joints

+Gives us more energy. 

Alkaline Water's greatest benefit though is the boosting of our immunity.

Our immune system helps neutralise the acidity in our body which is caused by poor diet, stress & environmental toxins.


Information about tap water has been suppressed over the years as a certain chemical in tap water called fluoride which is actually poisonous for us. Despite fluoride being good for our teeth, it's not particularly good for us (especially not good for a clear state of mind).


I suggest to do some research, invest in yourself & potentially make the switch. 


This is a take it or leave it message but I thought I'd share this one.


Water is a living thing and just like everything on this planet that is alive, when you give love to it, it responds and gives love back to you.


Ok, so this is the process... organise a vessel for your water (glass bottle or basically anything that isn't plastic), fill up your bottle, give it love and send it positive vibes then conceal a lid. Leave the bottle overnight & in the morning, it's good to drink. If you do this process & it's a shorter amount of time in between drinks, that's also fine but for the longer you leave it, the more love you will receive from your water.

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