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The Brothers

Re-Vitalize, Re-Energize, Raise Your Vibration With The Brothers



Sacred Herbal Journey w/ Mick, Dante & Joff

TBC - 12:34am-2:34pm @ Langwarrin Flora & Fauna

A Sacred Herbal adventure with the 3 Brothers taking you on an adventure at Langwarrin Flora & Fauna with other liked-minded humans. 

The brothers will be sharing plant awareness, breathwork awareness, numerology awareness, high vibrational wisdom that will enhance day to day living & finish off the beautiful day with a magical meditation. This Journey has 15 spots available.

We offer two options in this magical journey:


One option to simply adventure beautiful Mother Nature with the brothers & enjoy the beautiful scenery & walk the land with other high vibrational legends. After the journey, if you feel like providing an energy exchange for your journey, we are open to receiving a donation.


The other option to get involved in our Sacred Herbal Package which costs $33 ($25 cash). On arrival, you will receive a traveller cup filled with Organic Yerba Maté (an herbal energy drink) or an Organic Flow Tea & a bombilla (filter straw) for your journey (& to take home after your journey). We will be offering Herbal MCT Oil Ceremony's aswell.

If you are interested in this Journey & would like to reserve your spot, please send an email to

*Please note: we suggest to have lunch before the longer journeys.

Zen & Recharge Breathwork Journey w/ Joff

TBC - 10.44pm-11.44pm @ Langwarrin Flora & Fauna

In this journey, we walk the Earth & adventure Langwarrin Flora & fauna with other like-minded humans & recharge. This journey is an opportunity to spend some time in nature away from the busy city life, an opportunity to learn some very effective & magical zen & breathwork techniques (great for stress relief & calmness) & an opportunity to meet some other high vibration humans.

This Journey is only $22 ($15 cash) & is a personal experience as it has 6 spots available. If you are interested in this Journey & would like to reserve your spot, please send an email to

Peace & Love Legends

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