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Breathwork is a powerful gift we all have infinite access too. It is such a powerful tool to bring you to the present moment in any given moment. With practice & discipline, we have the ability to access the full power of our magical breath that allows us to be able to breathe our way out of any difficult situation/experience.
The power of the breath allows us to tap into our intuition & the power of positivity as through breathwork we allow energy & oxygen to have full access to all parts of our body, especially our brain. When our brain doesn't get proper oxygen, many people have the tendency to be in their mind (which usually leans into fear/stress/overthinking) instead of in their Feel/Divine Flow.

Conscious breathwork during a conversation with someone will also allow for a more flowing & present connection with whomever you are speaking to. Conscious breathwork during a meal allows us to be fully present with whatever delicious flavours & energy we are enjoying. Conscious breathwork during a walk allows us to be fully present during the movement of energy we are having & allows us to feel into all parts of our body. Conscious breathwork during basically anything will level up that experience ten-fold & allow it to be a more present & pure experience.

Different Breathwork Techniques such as: Conscious Breathing, Deep Belly Breathing, Box Breathing & Diaphragmatic (Deep Belly Breathing) 
Breathing all can be used in balancing yourself and bringing yourself back to being centred & the present moment!

I have made a Breathwork Course that has a variety of breathing techniques that will raise your vibration & reduce stress in any given moment.

I have made a variety of Breathwork videos on my YouTube channel also, feel free to check them out below & please share any video/technique you learn to spread the power of the breath :)

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