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Trusting yourself whole-heartedly is super important in levelling up & raising your vibration as truly & naturally, the answers are within!

If ever you have a decision to make or and in need of an answer, I truly advise to Trust Yourself & Your Inner Voice/Intuition, Trust what your Heart says and back your gut.

This can only lead to more Trust Within as whether you're happy with the decision or not, you Empowered yourself & owned the decision. Giving others the power of decisions is something I suggest to shy away from as it's not their decision to make, it's yours.

Even if that decision that you made could of been better in your opinion, accept that it happened and can only can lead to growth & evolution within. I like to look at this kind of situation as an Evolutional Experience as to me the word mistake doesn't exist. We are all evolving everyday & can only evolve/grow with everything we do so empower yourself & trust you!


The more you Trust Yourself, the more you will naturally gravitate towards going with your intuition & internal flow & allowing you to just do you which kind of sounds like Freedom to me ;)

PRACTICE: To further develop Trusting Yourself, BEING AWARE IN THE MOMENT if you are uncertain of a decision/outcome/overthinking/seeking approval from others... and instead, TRUST that voice within you, trust your heart and back your gut feeling. If you feel the situation could of been handled better, accept it, own it & learn from it but continue building that relationship with yourself of Unconditional Trust.

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