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Confrontation is a difficult thing to learn but luckily you have the self-proclaimed King of Confrontation in Joff! All jokes aside, Calm Confrontation is such a valuable skill that once worked on and developed, is an amazing tool to heal relationships with your friends & family and many other areas aswell. Sometimes simply expressing if there is something that's bothering you is enough to deal with a situation & move past it.

Confrontation is also an amazing tool for healing yourself which leads to personal evolution. By Confronting yourself, I mean that if something is bothering you, not dismissing it and instead going towards it/dealing with it so you can uncover why it's been an issue and grow within. I suggest to confront any situation that is affecting your state of being, be it with yourself or with others as Confrontation results in being able to let things go & not having to think/overthink about whatever it is anymore.


One important thing to add here is when Confronting Others, PLEASE don't mistake confrontation with attacking/having a go... I highly suggest when Confronting Others to do it as calmly as possible as I mention in the 'Communication is Key' section, calm communication is huge in getting a message across to others.


Same goes if Confronting Yourself, PLEASE don't be hard on yourself, go easy on yourself also & simply learn :)

On the other side of the confrontation coin is Embracing The Unknown. This is for those who must know the answer or basically what is going on in situations. This controlling type of behaviour can be dealt with by practicing Embracing The Unknown & Trusting The Process which will allow more balance.

PRACTICE: BEING AWARE IN THE MOMENT when something is affecting your state of being and basically go towards it. So if you are upset with someone, approach them in a calm manner & say what you have to say so express to the other person what you are feeling which will lead to not overthinking that scenario after you see that person and instead can let it go. Anytime you let something go, you can let in whatever you want & I suggest to let it high vibrational frequency's such as love, strength, joy, etc.

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