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Welcome to this Guide of Numerology.
This guide's intention is to Level Up Your Awareness of the Numbers that we see all around us everyday that have messages & energy for us. Once we go deeper into the meaning of the numbers, this allows us to feel the numbers which in turn allows us to connect to the magical energy of the numbers.

If you've learnt Angel Numbers, this Numerology guide will only empower & enhance your ability with this new awareness I am sharing here as your intuition will guide you which number energy to feel into.

I start this numbers journey off to feel into the many ways to numbers may be talking to you... they may be reminding you of something you already know, they may be sharing to develop certain areas within, they may be providing reassurance that you are on the right path, etc... there are many messages that the numbers provide & I am here to empower you to feel into the numbers & in time you will become a Numbers Wizard.

On the personal development side of things, I'm here to remind you that we are Magical, Unlimited Beings that are capable of anything & everything. Each number has different characteristics/energy & are basically showing you what you are or what you can be (Personal Development). For example the 1 Energy is all about Confidence & Strength Within & the more you feel into this number & develop Strength & Confidence Within, the more accessible it will be to you in day to day life.

They also may be simple messages for you to read into. For example, the 1 Energy is all about New Beginnings so you may be in a moment to feel into the New Beginning that's taken place & own and embrace that New Beginning with the number 1 empowering you as your guide to embrace a new chapter.


What Is The 1 Energy

The Number 1 Energy is all about the Masculine Energy within each & every single one of us. Feel into the characteristics of the power of this number & level up your experience by leaning into whatever part of your Masculine Energy you would like to expand.

What Is The 2 Energy

The Number 2 Energy is all about the Feminine Energy within each & every single one of us. Feel into the characteristics of the beauty of this number & level up your experience by leaning into whatever part of your Feminine Energy you would like to expand.

What Is The 3 Energy

The Number 3 Energy is all about the Inner Child Energy within each & every single one of us. Feel into the playful characteristics of this number & always a great idea to do something fun, spontaneous or imaginative in any moments your soul feels.

What Is The 4 Energy

The Number 4 Energy is all about the Divinely Stable Energy & Structured Energy. Truly Magical Number is the 4 & always great when you can stay in your energy & be centred even if everyone around you isn't. Staying in your energy is a superpower that the 4 teaches us about.

What Is The 5 Energy

The Number 5 Energy is all about Freedom & Self Love.
Having Self Love & Self Discipline allows us to be free within & will only allow us to continually evolve, grow & develop deeper love within which in turn spreads all around us. A massive Love & Freedom energy is the 5.

What Is The 6 Energy

The Number 6 Energy is all about Divine Balance & Divine Vision. The ability to balance your Masculine & Feminine Energy is any given moment is a true gift. Being Positive is the best Empowerer of the 6 as it will allow you to have your magical 6 energy online.

What Is The 7 Energy

The Number 7 Energy is all about Divine Intelligence. Trusting your Intuition & Inner Knowing allows the Universe to flow through you. Continue to trust your feel within & allow yourself to listen to your inner guidance in all now moments. It's a 7 year 2023 (2+2+3=7), big 7 year is here.

What Is The 8 Energy

The Number 8 Energy is all about Unlimitedness & Abundance. We 5th Dimension energy is Abundant & Unlimited, which is what we are if we allow ourselves to be. Tap into the Unlimitedness within & Abundant energy within by levelling up your experience.

What Is The 9 Energy

The Number 9 Energy is all about Completion & Unconditional Love. Completing cycles that no longer serve you or that you've simply evolved from. Also Unconditional Love which is love beyond limits that is balanced Masculine & Feminine Love.

Feel into the magic of these numbers & as mentioned above a deeper awareness numbers guide course will be completed sometime in 2023. Feel free to share this information with anyone you feel in may benefit. Peace & Love To You All.

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