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Reducing that voice inside you to care what others think is important to being completely free from judging yourself & judging others.


Stop for a second & think about it... does it actually matter what someone else thinks about you or anything for that matter? And if the answer is yes... ask yourself why?


In my opinion, it doesn't matter as anyone that judges you or beliefs, is reflecting their reality/what's going on within themselves & more than likely has issues within themselves otherwise they wouldn't be challenging you. Take some time to ponder this as when you free yourself from what others think, you free yourself from judgement. You also free yourself in limiting yourself in the future by working on this & not caring what others think.


In my opinion, society standards/norms don't exist so why play along with this little game that entraps you to play by a certain set of rules which is not very comfortable... I say You Do You, You Be You, Be Free and Unlimited! You can do whatever you want :)

PRACTICE: BEING AWARE IN THE MOMENT of when you're caring what others think, stop for a moment, hold space for yourself & ponder why & if you are caring what they think? Are you trying to impress them? Are you trying to prove something to them? Etc. My suggestion is, you don't need to impress them & you have nothing to prove, you are perfect the way you are and keep being Free & True to Yourself!

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