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Sound Healing Frequency's such as 432Hz & 528Hz are amazing for our body, mind & soul.

The Power Of Different Hz Frequency's is magical! Hertz Frequency will raise your vibration & allow you to live in your energy. Hertz Frequency will calm down your body, mind & soul & allow you to be you. Hertz Frequency is an amazing gift we all have access to. Play Hertz Frequency in your house, in your car, in your room, at the office, wherever you please... just be aware that it will make you calm, sleepy & feel beautiful within.


A powerful tool I suggest is to play these Hz Frequency's around the house & before bedtime as this will emit that 432Hz or 528 Hz Frequency's. Let's say for example you play a 432Hz Frequency around the house, you will emit that frequency around the house which will allow your vibration to harmoniously synchronize with that energy & connect deep with it. This will allow for healing & raising of vibration. Feel the energy of the frequency & be still with it aswell.

The below video goes into 7 different Vibrational Frequency's and the benefits of them.

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