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Thinking of the Positive in anything is true Strength & is something we can all strive to do! Through practising this, you will redirect negative thought patterns to be more positive & literally be able to see the positive in anything while also being aware of what doesn't serve if there is anything. Understanding that everything happens for a reason and something you potentially thought was a big negative is in-fact a huge positive, as you have grown/evolved things such as your patience, strength, understanding, discipline etc from that situation.

Positivity has the power to transform basically any moment in a positive moment & working towards having a positive mindset is something that should be taught heavily in schools in my opinion.

Like anything, practising this more and more will lead to a more positive mindset however I suggest to be patient & keep working on yourself.

PRACTICE: Anytime you think negatively, stop yourself, BE AWARE OF IT IN THE MOMENT, bring yourself to the present moment and withdraw the negativity and bring in the positivity. Any sort of negative talk can be caught if you are present in the moment & can be rewired & removed through practice. Focus on the Positives as much as you can and through repetition again, you will rewire your state of being to be more Positive.

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