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This Unity Breath is a special kind of breath that has many benefits from releasing stress, stagnant energies & much more. This breathwork practice is similar to the techniques that Wim Hof teaches however slightly different, I highly suggest to practice this in a quiet place away from others. Light-headedness is common while doing this breath so just be wary of that but don't fear it. 

This breathwork practice is basically a deep continuous connected breath that causes an influx of oxygen into our system & reducing carbon dioxide levels. An altered state may well greet you releasing Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) from our pineal gland. DMT creates a bridge from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in and rest our mind. After the unity breath is finished, some 432Hz music will greet you, relax & enjoy it.

PRACTICE: I highly suggest to do this technique when you have space & not around others to get the full effects of this magical breath.


Breathing Light into your body is actually really simple. Follow the video's example to feel into this technique & truly feel in the light enter your body. Also allow any sort of lower vibrational frequency to leave your body.

PRACTICE: Visualizing Light coming into your body allows this technique to really be felt into & breathe in that light.

3-6-9 Breathing method

This 3-6-9 Breathing Method has the potential to take you from a fast pace, anxious state to calmness within the span of 3 minutes. Through discipline of actually doing this technique will lead to deep awareness within, calmness, clarity & the potential for relaxation in any given moment.

PRACTICE: As described in the video, do 3 Deep Breaths to begin. Then do 6 Buteyko Breaths next, which is basically slow light breathing. Then 9 intuition seconds or breaths of whatever you feel. Then just be with you & feel into what's taken place you legend you!

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