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I start this Zen Activation with some awareness that you are perfect the way you are right now, however levelling up your experience & learning new things will only enhance your experience. Embrace this Activation Legends!

Nostril Breathing.
This video is basic awareness that breathing through your nose is more beneficial than breathing through your mouth in our everyday lives for many reasons. The fine nasal hairs on our nostrils provide a filter for oxygen that enters our system. This especially assists us when we are in crowded environments like shopping centres, offices, etc. Whereas if we are usually breathing through our mouths in these areas, we breathe in air that isn't of the best quality & potential negative energy. This bit of awareness took me many years to find out, so I thought I'd start this course of with this.

Having said the above, you do what you feel & do whatever works for you... this is just a suggestion to any mouth breathers out there (which I was for around 30 years of this experience). This activation does actually have a few different mouth breathing techniques however these techniques are basically to bring you to a calm state of consciousness.

For more information about nostril & mouth breathing, feel free to do some research.

PRACTICE: If you are a default mouth breather, practice nose breathing in any given moment to potentially rewire your breathing to be nose oriented. Be patient with this as it may take sometime to rewire the default breath to be nasal or it may be very quick aswell.


Alternate Nostril Breathing has many benefits & can be used in a variety of situations to bring yourself to a place of calm or even heighten your spiritual powers!

Alternate Nostril Breathing is an amazing superpower that will raise your vibration, remove/relieve stress, release old limiting behaviour patterns, etc. It’s a gift & can be used everyday if we chose or in any given moment.

Benefits of Alternate Nostril Breathing: 
Reduce worry, anxiety & calm you down
Improve respiratory health
Improve cardiovascular health
Kick start a workout or any sort of activity that requires more breathing
Improve spiritual powers

PRACTICE: Use this technique in different situations in your day to day life & see where it fits into your life. Then use it & practice it wherever you feel it can benefit you.
Practicing this for 5-10 mins in a row is such a powerful tool that I HIGHLY SUGGEST as you will see it's benefits if you are disciplined & stay with this technique for that period of time in a row.

For the rest of this activation, I suggest to do some alternate nostril breathing before, during or after any new information, practices & learning. It's so powerful & so beautiful!

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