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stillness & silence

Being Still is an art-form which requires no effort. Simply Be Still & allow yourself to be free of thought. This may not be an easy thing to do but you have been dosed with multiple slow down, stress relieving & calming breathwork techniques to guide you! Being Still is a form of meditation and will result in a relaxed feeling that will no doubt please your body, mind & soul. 

Stillness, silence & calmness empowers you to be in your energy & navigate your experience with clarity & freedom within. Being able to be still & silent allows you to be fully respectful & appreciative of your own presence in any given moment which allows deeper awareness & evolution within. Shedding of old layers & limiting programs becomes very obvious through being in stillness & silence. Embrace the magic of being by yourself & embrace the legendary soul that you are.

PRACTICE: This one is simple, find a comfortable, quiet place (such as nature, a creek, etc) & just be. If your mind wonders, just focus on your breath & just allow yourself to be still for a moment. One more thing I would like to add here is that slow conscious breathing can assist with stillness also, plus the many breathwork techniques you have just learnt can assist.

slow down & calm down

I suggest to attempt to slow down many aspects of life in general from walking, to eating, to drinking, etc. This will enable your mind to be calmer & flow easier. Some of the time you may be in a rush, I get it but at the other times... what's the rush?

Slowing down walking for example... again if you are in a rush, hey you do you... but if you are not in a rush, attempt to slow down your pace, allow a flow-type walk and see if it works for you. I will never forget when I was roughly 24 years old, on holiday with a mate (who is the slowest walker of all time haha) and I was pacing around while he was lagging behind... I said to him "what are you walking so slow", he replied "what's the rush, we're on holidays man". My fast pace walking days were numbered with that wisdom from my friend.

The same legendary friend also gave me wisdom about eating as I love my food and when we ate together, I would be finished, while he had half a plate left... again he said what was the rush. This also assisted me greatly as what was the rush? My digestion has even improved by implementing a slow pace of eating & I get to embrace & enjoy all of the flavours of whatever I am eating.


PRACTICE: Be aware if your mind is fast & your experience is at a fast pace & slow down your experience by eating slower, walking slower, drinking slower, talking slower & feel into the present moment of now. This slower pace allows your to be in a calm state & in your power!

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