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Communication With Others
Developing our communication with others is always going to be a great idea as this will lead to healthier relationships, healthier boundaries aswell as massive self love.
When communicating with others, we have the opportunity to lead by example & give massive amounts of love by simply holding space & listening to others aswell as giving massive amounts of love to ourselves by standing in our truth & standing up for ourselves.
Read through some Techniques & Awareness below & if they resonate, feel free to bring them into your experience, if they are not already:

Calmness: Being calm during communication with others will allow a smooth calm connection on your end & you will be able to truly see the person you are speaking to so clearly as you are in a calm vibration the whole time.

Holding Space:
 When someone is talking, it's always a good idea to hold space for them & allow them to finish what they are saying before speaking. This is a major form of respect and as soon as you practice this, you will notice how effective this is.
It also leads by example, showing the other being that when you are talking, it's in their highest to allow you to finish speaking.

Clear Messages With Clear Intent: Being precise & clear with the words that you speak is always a good idea to get a clear message across to whomever you are speaking to and again to lead by example. Observe anyone who talks in lower vibrations such as in frustration, in a rush, in a nagging vibration, yelling, in anxiety, in anger, etc & remember to leave that energy imbalance with them. If you speak in one of those lower vibrations, it's perfectly fine & if you would like to rewire it, practice in the moment of when you are experiencing one of those lower vibrations & do something different. Like with anything that's new, it may take time but with practice & persistence, you got this.

Respect: Respect is the highest form of love, if not one of the highest forms of love.
Respect during communication is all of the above & below. When mutual respect is taking place, amazing flow & connection takes place leading to amazing experiences & times.
If you find that others are not respecting you, you have the right to call them out and let them know. If anyone is experiencing a bit of a toxic relationship/connection, it's up to us to do something about it, instead of accepting this lower vibration toxicity.
Doing some experimentation by either confrontation & letting them know or even silent boundaries where you speak to certain individuals less or even if it's time to say goodbye to someone, it just is what it is.

Eye Connection: When communicating with someone in presence, eye connection is massive in allowing the energy to flow & is a form of communication in itself. When speaking to others, practice looking in their eyes as this allows for a more authentic/pure communication.
Go one step further & look into their left eye for transmitting a signal of love towards whomever you are speaking to & look into their right eye to transmit a signal of challenge.
For more here, go into the bonus content.

Acceptance Of Others/Opinions: Acceptance of others is what the New Earth is all about. We are all unique & different and some of us may have different beliefs/opinions/etc, however it doesn't actually matter. As long as any sort of communication between beings can be agree to disagree or one step further, open-mindedness but not having to fully understand the other beings point of view. When we are in this acceptance vibration, we stand in our truth & our vibration not having to convince the other beings that they should believe something... and vice versa, nobody should be trying to convince you of what to believe. We are all unique & have had unique experiences and acceptance is a great way to create union & connection.

Be Present & Have No Distractions: When communicating, being fully present & in the moment allows for the most amazing type of connection with others. Fully in the now moment & not letting anything distract us will allow for absolute flow & beautiful connection. 
When talking to others, it's always a great idea to not be distracted by your surroundings, by your environment, by your phone/technology & instead focus on communicating to allow for a smooth connecting.


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