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The Truth Shall Set You Free is a video with many references, resources & links to inform you to what's really been going on in the world. My biggest recommendation is doing your own research & making your own mind up.

Smoothies can be made up of whatever ingredients you would like! Smoothies can be made up of amazing, fun, healthy, nourishing & magical ingredients which will raise your vibration.

Being aware of the words you use is something that I highly recommend you do. When we doubt, limit or question ourselves, all we are doing is limiting ourselves & giving ourselves a harder experience.
When we use positive self talk aswell as action to back it up, we are evolving & allowing ourselves to be the best version we can be. Use this & be aware in the moment of anytime you limit yourself & rewire it in the moment to allow for a more positive experience.

This message’s intention is to assist with bringing balance to the information that you receive. Simple awareness in this message to provide different pieces of information to show you more of yourself & where the information you receive comes from. My suggestion always is to listen within & that’s the best bits of information for each individual & to sources that you trust deeply.

The elites want us to be divided, they always have & they always will. It’s up to us to not allow their negative programming to divine us & it’s up to us to lead by example with friends & family. Acceptance is massive word we can use in this moment. It’s for all. When there is no acceptance on one side of the fence, maybe it’s not meant to be, as if connections between people are not mutual, maybe it’s not meant to be.

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