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calm music

Calm/Peaceful Music has so many benefits to us! It assists with moods, allows relaxation, allows a flow-state & encourages a calm/peaceful mindset. 

When experiencing a difficult moment or situation, some of the best tactics are so simple! Firstly breathing is an amazing hack to bring you back to yourself aswell as calm/peaceful music! Calm music will bring you back to calmness & out of a fast pace/stress.


Vibrational frequency’s are a great idea also such as 528hz & 432hz to raise your vibration & enhance your awareness. Great hacks here!

While we are talking music... Music is simply magical & by magical, I mean really magical! By simply listening to positive/upbeat music is enough to positively influence your state of being. Even listening to lyrics that have meaning and positivity to them is again enough to positively influence you.

PRACTICE: If feeling a bit stressed or anxious, put on some calm music, be still/lay down/sit up & simply breathe. Feel into the calming energy of the music & allow it to connect to your cells & influence a state of calmness & clarity.

binaural beats-sound healing

Sound Healing Frequency's such as 432Hz & 528Hz are amazing for our body, mind & soul.

The Power Of Different Hz Frequency's are magical! Frequency's such as 432hz/528hz will raise your vibration & allow you to live in higher vibrational frequency's. These frequency's will calm down your body, mind & soul & allow you to be you.


Hz Frequency's are an amazing gift we all have access to & I suggest to play them in your house, in your car, in your room, at the office, wherever you please... just be aware that it will make you calm, sleepy & feel beautiful within.


A powerful tool I suggest is to play these Hz Frequency's around the house & before bedtime as this will emit that 432Hz or 528 Hz Frequency's. Let's say for example you play a 432Hz Frequency around the house, you will emit that frequency around the house which will allow your vibration to harmoniously synchronize with that energy & connect deep with it. This will allow for healing & raising of vibration. Feel the energy of the frequency & be still with it aswell.

PRACTICE: Charge areas of your house with calm energy & frequencies. Simply put on some 432hz/528hz calming frequencies for over an hour (in a room such as the room your sleep in) & feel into the calmness you have programmed into that sacred space. This is a very powerful tactic that I highly suggest & share with other legends around you!

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