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Communication With Environment & Self.
We are showing the Universe & ourselves how we want to experience this magical place!
Going straight into this, it's a great idea to feel into these powerful words, "Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows". When we feel into the power of these words, we realize the importance of where we put our attention in any given moment. Our attention spans from what we listen to, what we watch on TV, what we eat, who we hang around, etc.
All of these areas of our experience are showing the Universe what we want in our experience as we are all the creators of our experience... "We Create Our Reality"

Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind is something that's a good idea to learn a bit about before getting into this. The Subconscious Mind literally runs the show when we are busy doing things and are distracted. With repetition & personal development, the Subconscious Mind can be purified & be an amazing ally.

The Subconscious mind should be something we all learn in school in my opinion and once fully understood is truly life changing. I highly suggest to do further research about the Subconscious Mind as awareness in this area can only benefit you & should not be feared at all.

Basic awareness of negative subconscious traits will allow us to be able to rewire any type of behaviour within yourself that you would like to level up & upgrade.

Observe What We Watch.
With this awareness, observing & being aware of what we watch on TV becomes a bit of a priority as if we continue to watch drama/horror TV, this starts to become normal & what you would like to 
experience in this beautiful place. Practice reducing the amount of TV that you watch & reducing the amount of drama TV that you watch.

Observe What We Watch.
Being aware of what we listen to is a great idea, as some of the lyrics in music can be very negative & unhealthy for your subconscious mind to listen to. Practice being aware of the lyrics in your favourite songs & to focus your attention on the more positively polarized music.

Observe What We Eat.
What we eat is another area that once we start to purify, we can bring in a higher vibration & a much more harmonized way of living.  Practice eating a more high vibe diet, however that looks to you & having discipline when it comes to certain foods that don't agree with you.

Observe The Environment Around You.
The Beings we hang around are also huge in this area, as once again, our environment plays a role in how we experience this beautiful place. When around high vibe & positive beings, it becomes natural to be in a high vibrational frequency & in a joy state. While when around negative & complaining beings, it can suck you into a negative, lower vibration that doesn't actually belong to you. When in a negative environment, Practice observing any sort of fear, negative energy that is being projected & not taking it onboard.

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