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In this video, I talk about a technique that when learnt properly can assist you in many ways in daily life... Deep Belly Breathing. I talk about all the many benefits of this Amazing Breath which is no doubt a gift for us. I truly hope this video inspires you to take up Deep Belly Breathing.
Benefits of Deep Belly Breathing:
Lowers stress levels which allows for a better experience.
Reduces blood pressure & slows down heart rate.
Regulates bodily functions & improves digestion.
Reduces & can remove anxiety & depression.
Improves IBS.
Improves core muscle stability.
Reduces chances of injury.
Long story short, deep belly breathing is a magnificent hack that can be used instead of many things such as smoking, eating, stressing, over-thinking, etc.

PRACTICE: In any moment when you are overthinking or feeling anxious & have an energy imbalance, be still & use this technique to bring yourself back to balance. You can look at deep belly breathing as anxiety relieving technology!


In these videos, I talk about something close to my heart as it allows me to live through my heart & in the present moment, this is Conscious Breathing! It's such a gift for us!
Conscious Breathing is an amazing hack & has so many benefits including:
Brings you into the moment.
Increases inner awareness & outer awareness.
Clears your mind.
Improves decision making.
Improves digestion.
Regulates cortisol.
Reduces stress, depression & anxiety.
Calms you down.
Improves calmness while talking to others.
I’m clearly a huge fan of conscious breathing & introducing this way of breathing into your day to day life will only improve your experience here.

PRACTICE: Catching yourself in the moment when you're not breathing properly or stressed or not in the moment is a great way to bring in this life hack & rewire it into your day to day life. Even combine one of the previous hacks like The "Caaaaaalm Breath" as a tactic to spark conscious breathing to remove shortness of breath is a great idea.

Well done so far, you are cruising through this activation! I highly suggest to go at your own pace throughout this activation as all this new techniques & awareness can be a lot so slow down & have no rush. Peace Legends!


The Buteyko Breath is an amazing technique to learn! This is another practice to can introduce into your life in different situations. This breath is yet another technique to remove stress & bring in relaxation as this breaths intention is slowing down our breathing & allowing our breathing to be lighter to bring in calmness & heightened states of consciousness.

This technique implies that instead of having faster breathing, have slower breathing. Instead of sighing, have regular consistent breathing. Instead of noticeable breathing, have softer, calmer breath. Instead of chest breathing, do diaphragmic breathing. 

Having slower nose breathing allows us to harness higher concentrations of nasal nitric oxide that enhances uptake in the blood. Nose breathing activates the diaphragm & this assists in activation the parasympathetic nervous system. When this system is activated it allows energy that wants to leave, leave & allowing in fresh energy & clean energy.

PRACTICE: I would suggest to be in a quite place and slowly & calmly practice this breath. Breathe in nice & slowly through your nose for 5-10 seconds, feeling the nasal hairs of your nose slightly move... then exhaling at that slow pace for the same 5-10 seconds. Doing this for a 5 minutes is enough time to really feel into the magic of this breath!
As mentioned in the video, this technique was learnt by a Legend named Patrick McKeown & here is a video of his describing this breath in more detail:

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