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In this video, I talk about a technique that when learnt properly can help you in many ways in daily life... Deep Belly Breathing. I talk about all the many benefits of this Amazing Breath which is no doubt a gift for us. I truly hope this video inspires you to take up Deep Belly Breathing if needed.
Benefits of Deep Belly Breathing:
-Lowers stress levels which allows for a better experience.
-Reduces blood pressure & slows down heart rate.
-Regulates bodily functions & improves digestion.
-Reduces & can remove anxiety & depression.
-Improves IBS. -Improves core muscle stability.
-Reduces chances of injury.
Long story short, deep belly breathing is a magnificent hack that can be used instead of many things such as smoking, eating, stressing, over-thinking, etc.

PRACTICE: In any moment when you are overthinking or feeling anxious & have an energy imbalance, be still & use this technique to bring yourself back to balance.


In these videos, I talk about something close to my heart as it allows me to live through my heart... Conscious Breathing! It's such a gift for us! I hope these videos inspire you to take up Conscious Breathing.
Conscious Breathing is an amazing hack for this experience! It has so many benefits including:
-Brings you into the moment.
-Increases inner awareness & outer awareness.
-Clears your mind.
-Improves decision making.
-Improves digestion.
-Regulates cortisol.
-Reduces stress, depression & anxiety.
-Calms you down.
-Improves calmness while talking to others.
I’m clearly a huge fan of conscious breathing & bringing this way of breathing into your day to day life will only improve your experience here.

PRACTICE: Catching yourself in the moment when you're not breathing properly or stressed or not in the moment is a great way to bring in this life hack & rewire it into your day to day life.

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