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Communication With Self
Developing our communication with ourselves is always going to be an amazing idea & will radically evolve our connection within to a more heightened level than ever.
Read through some Techniques & Awareness below & if they resonate, feel free to bring them into your experience, if they are not already:

Positive Self-Talk: Positive Self-Talk is always going to be an amazing idea in every single moment you experience. Remove any sort of doubt & allow yourself to be free & in your consciousness in any given moment. This Practice will radically improve your experience (if you aren't doing it already) as you are nullifying any sort of lower vibrational thought that may enter your consciousness & choosing to be positive instead.

True With Self:
 It's a good idea to have True With Self right underneath as being true with yourself goes hand in hand with positive self-talk. Being True With Yourself allows you to see any sort of unbalances & distortions that you deep down would like to evolve/grow, heal or strengthen and it also allows you to learn lessons. Practicing being True With Yourself by feeling into any area within you may like to improve & developing it.

Trusting Intuition & Trusting Within: Trusting Within & our Intuition is always a good idea and this may take Practice & with practice comes further trust within. Continue to trust yourself in any situation & build that bond/connection within.

Awareness of Limiting Self/Judgement Of Self:
 This is simple awareness that when any sort of judgement & limitations occur within, to simple be aware of it & observe it. Any time you limit or doubt yourself, be aware of it in the moment & rewire it to something you would like it to be. We are all unlimited beings capable of anything & it's up to us to allow ourselves to stay unlimited. The only thing that can hold you back is you. This usually stems from others doubting or limiting you but again, it's our responsibility to stand in our truth & trust within.
Practice this the next time you limit yourself or doubt yourself.


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