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Shadow-work/Inner Work is basically going within and tuning into yourself & working on areas within that either you would like to heal, strengthen, grow or assist.

A great practice to develop yourself to amazing levels! When anything affects your state of being, going towards it (basically, not running from it & confronting it head on/dealing with in head on) is super important in this section & through awareness of what's affecting your state of being plus a tool such as meditation, conscious breathing, stillness & basically calmly confronting yourself, you can defeat triggers & release any limiting beliefs & allow yourself to be limitless & completely free. This allows you to make peace with whatever it is that is bothering you.

The other side of the confrontation side of things is just letting go of whatever is bothering you.

PRACTICE: The next time something affects your state of being, BEING AWARE OF WHATEVER IT IS and basically go towards it, whether someone has said something that upset you... going towards/dealing with it will help you defeat this type of issue in the future to basically evolve and grow to not let things affect your state of being.

The other side of this, is setting healthy self love boundaries with those that affect your state of being, so level up that self love.

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