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Well done for finding this! This is a hidden gem that I have made for you legends out there, a prescription, that's right a prescription like the doctors prescribe! This is is free & can apply to many many areas of your experience if you have an energy imbalance or feel ill/stressed. 


Purifying your experience will allow yourself to live a life of purity, truth, authenticity & freedom within. I highly suggest to take advantage of this MASSIVELY VALUABLE Purification Prescription as it will change your life if you allow it to. I will provide links to certain parts of this Magical Website aswell as YouTube & Podcast links. Enjoy the Purification Journey.


If the below resonates with you. please feel free to share it with someone you know & also feel free to share my website/YouTube channel with others.
Anyway without further ad
o, let's Raise Your Vibration:


Affirmations are an amazing Hack/Way to program your Subconscious Mind to be super Positive & literally Manifest anything you like. Using Affirmations daily will enhance your experience & allow in whatever you would like.


Setting Intentions are so simple & so powerful. Many are amazing at setting New Years Resolutions & actually honouring whatever they wanted to bring in. The beautiful thing with this is that, with a simple perception change you can bring in a New Years Resolution daily... let's call it a New Days Intention instead or simplify once again to a Daily Intention. Setting daily intentions allows you to make the most of a day & bring in whatever you would like daily! Check out the below videos (one says January Energy Update which is mostly about Intention)


Being Positive in any given moment is a great idea & will allow you to experience this beautiful place from a higher vibrational frequency. It may be easier said than done but through discipline & practice you will get results you legendary soul you! Also looking for the positive in anything is a great idea & will assist in allowing whatever experience you have to be perceived as a positive experience as you learnt from it, grew from it, etc.


Such a Powerful Tool to allow you to purify your experience & allow you to have a good day is daily meditation. Simply by stopping & breathing you will raise your vibration!


Another Magical Tool that will raise your vibration! Consciously breathing while talking to others, working, walking, eating, doing anything allows you to be in the present moment & kills stress.


Grounding is amazing for you & by simply putting your feet on grass, you get instant access to the Sacred Energy of Mother Gaia which again will raise your vibration!


A simple one! Move your energy! If you're not feeling great & stressed, two great options... move some energy and go for a walk or stop and feel that stress (allow it to leave also). We are talking about exercise here & moving your energy after meals is another great idea.

More Purification Tactics & Hacks will be added but this is a great start.

Please feel free to share this someone you feel it may benefit.

Peace & Love to you all.

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