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Sound Healing Frequency's such as 432Hz & 528Hz are amazing for our body, mind & soul. This video goes into 7 different Vibrational Frequency's and the benefits of them.
Using these Hz Frequency's around the house & before bedtime is a great idea in my opinion to raise your vibration.

Spotify Playlists: 432Hz:

Doing some research into these frequency's & further benefits is a good idea to enhance your awareness if you need more information about the frequency's.
Other practices here is put on 432Hz on a speaker in your household for certain periods of time (hours) & your house's energy & frequency will raise! Also putting a speaker on with 432 or 528Hz Frequency in your room, a couple of hours before you go to bed will enhance the energy in your room & your sleep.

Positive Uplifting Music is something that I highly recommend! Be aware of the lyrics that you listen to as some of the lyrics may have mixed messages or limiting messages. This is an issue for me as remember, your subconscious mind is always active & will be fully aware of any limiting lyrics that come into your space. 

PRACTICE: Listen to music that fills your soul with joy & lights you up.



Chemical Hack awareness can only assist you raise your vibration.
Oxytocin is a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter. It promotes feelings of love, bonding and well-being. It's even said to go as far as being an anxiety stabiliser.
Playing with a baby/kids
Playing with dogs
Holding hands & showing affection
Giving compliments & spreading love

Endorphins reduce pain & boost pleasure resulting in a feeling of well-being & euphoria. Endorphins are structured similarly to the drug morphine & considered natural painkillers.
Laughing & watching comedy
Essential oils
Eating dark chocolate

Serotonin is another key hormone in stabilising our mood, feelings, well-being & happiness. Serotonin helps with sleeping, eating & digestion.
Sun exposure
Walk in nature

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter made in the brain. It acts as a chemical messenger between neurons. Dopamine is released when your brain is expecting a reward. When you associate a certain activity with pleasure, mere anticipation may be enough to raise dopamine levels. PRACTICE
Completing a task
Doing self-love/self-care activities
Eating organic & good food
Celebrating little wins


These High Vibe Morning Hacks will raise your vibration & allow you to have the best possible day! High Vibe Morning Hacks:

Gratitude is an amazing way to start your day or for that matter showing gratitude at all moments in a day is beautiful.
Being Grateful for literally anything will enhance your experience massively. Sometimes, it may be difficult to look for the positive in difficult moments you experience, however finding the positive is critical in allowing any given moment to be able to be rewired to be a gratitude moment.
Every experience that we encounter is meant to be experienced... once we realize this, we can allow every difficult experience to be a learning experience. This allows ourselves to find the positive in any situation & allow the gratitude in.

Setting Intentions for the day is a great way to manifest what you would like to bring into the coming beautiful day. 
Setting Intentions for the day is a great idea but it doesn't have to stop there! We can set intentions for anything & at anytime! Why the exclamation marks Joff? Because when you set intentions and your real with yourself, those intentions are an inevitability. This may take time & practice but once you feel into this bit of life magic, simply set an intention & surrender... which basically means let the Universe do it's thing instead of trying to control the intention.

Meditation can assist in bringing in a nice calm feeling within aswell as connecting to source & yourself & again meditation doesn't have to just be practiced in the morning, it can be done at all times of a day. Meditation is a gift for us all & the more practice we do, the better our ability to quite the mind & focus on our breathing becomes.
Focus on your breathing during meditation & anytime your mind wonders, that's perfectly fine... just bring yourself back to your breath & calmly & slowly breathe again. Some days are better than others when meditating but don't beat yourself up, practice & embrace the gift that is meditation as much or as little as you like. I highly suggest once a day :)

Visualization is another way we can manifest & feel what we would like to encounter in the coming day & trusting. We create our reality. Visualization is another magical gift we all have access to & through sheer practice & trust, visualize whatever it is that you would like in your reality & through positivity & trust allow it in.

Affirmations are an amazing way to program your subconscious mind aswell as feeling the emotion of what you would like to manifest for the coming day.
I highly suggest to practice Affirmations every morning before you come into contact with anyone else & when you say these affirmations to yourself (in the mirror is what I recommend) really feel the affirmations! I recommend to write down a list of Affirmations that you feel with enhance your day to day life. Two examples:
*if you'd like to re-affirm what you already are, say things like "I am powerful & strong" & mean it. This will reaffirm to yourself that you are in fact whatever it is that you are telling yourself.
*if you'd like to bring in more discipline, say to yourself: "I am disciplined" & mean it. Take action & show yourself that you are more disciplined by doing actions or non-actions to expand your discipline.

PRACTICE: Give a couple of these Hacks a go either in the morning or anytime of the day really & stick with whichever one you do for a 3 week period to develop a habit out of it. After 21 days of doing something, it can form into a habitual thing so why not allowing one of these high vibrational hacks into your day to day life!

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