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Video 1: Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows. Using this awareness in this moment is amazing to maintain balance. Beware of focusing too much on any sort of negativity or fear as then your attention is fully focused on that negativity or fear which your energy naturally flows towards that low vibration. Beware & Be Aware.
PRACTICE: Putting your awareness & attention on high vibrational things such as nature, the sun, positive people, high vibrational information, passion of yours, family, etc. (basically anything that makes you feel in a high vibrational state).

Video 2: Accepting others beliefs, opinions & ways they live will assist you to live in freedom within and not be bothered by others. Of course there will be situations when you can challenge them to their beliefs but that's up to the individual as personally. I only do this if they are affecting me directly, if not, I leave it with them as it's none of my business at the end of the day. If someone is difficult to deal with & isn't a good-vibe to be around, reducing the amount of time with that person is fair play of course as they gave you the scissors to cut them out at the end of the day. Accepting yourself is pivotal in staying in Divine Stability within.
PRACTICE: Anytime you feel like you're not accepting of yourself or others, catch yourself in the moment & rewire that pattern to a more positive experience. This may be easier said than done, but through practice & patience, we can do anything!

Video 3: Using the words Can Do and even better Will Do will only benefit you! These powerful words will enhance you ability to do anything & will improve your attitude towards anything you do. Allow yourself to be unlimited and to do and be whatever you want to.
Being aware of anytime you use limiting & negative words that aren't serving you, be aware in the moment & rewire those patterns to better higher vibrational words.


This 25 minute video that's only available in this course goes into detail of many of the false programming's that humanity has been under. Please remember... there is no need to fear new information, if you cannot understand it, sit with it & observe it. If it's meant for you, it'll amalgamate within in due time.
All awareness is, is simply shining light on areas that were once dark. With these awareness's in the light, use them to take back your power more & more and to raise your vibration & expand your consciousness!

PRACTICE: Be aware of subconscious programs in your life. This may take time but through sheer awareness, you can become aware of things that you are paying attention to & things that you are doing that are not in alignment for your soul's purpose. Things like addictions & distractions like usage of the phone, over-indulging in TV/sport/work, etc takes you away from yourself & through awareness, the purification process within occurs.

Below are two videos which are great watches also, especially "The Truth Shall Set You Free" video which took me a week to make & provides amazing awareness!



Psychological Warfare is taking place & through sheer awareness & observation of this taking place, you’ll be able to see the tricks that the powers that be have in place. Remember, where attention goes, energy flows & paying attention to any sort of negative tactic used by the powers that be will only distract you from your soul’s purpose aswell as healing & evolution within. Don’t fear this information, it is what it is & through awareness you can remove any sort of limitations that are being thrown your way.

There are so many distractions, distorting our experience here. I suggest to become aware of things that are taking you away from your soul’s purpose. Like I already mentioned above, become aware of addictions & distractions like usage of the phone, over-indulging in TV/sport/work, etc takes you away from yourself & again through awareness, the purification process within occurs.

PRACTICE: Really start to observe any limiting programs that may be occurring within your consciousness. Things like limiting self-talk, being reliant on technology/smart-phones, others limiting you were negative programs of their own... basically anything that limits you. Once you become aware in the moment of any sort of limitation, you can rewire it & take action into removing any limiting subconscious programming's that enter your space.

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