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The Gift of Breathing. Breathing is truly a gift and our friend for so many reasons and has so many different elements to it besides the obvious. Breathing Techniques can alter our state of consciousness aswell as calming us down if need be. Calmer Breathwork=Calmer Situation. Intentionally having a calmer breath in any given situation will enhance that moment substantially in your favour.
There are two videos here that I've taken out of my Breathwork Course as a gift.

Here are some breathing techniques that will raise your vibration.
Deep Belly Breathing is beneficial to defeat stressful situations, anxiety & energy imbalances within. Sometimes just a few deep breaths is all that's required to take you from a stressful moment into a peaceful moment. Practice is the key for results with this.
Conscious Breathing is hugely beneficial in any given moment as it keeps you in the present moment. Practicing conscious breathing while doing anything from making dinner, while working, while in a conversation will only increase the oxygen within & allow you to be more in your energy & more present in the moment.
Alternate Nostril Breathing is the ultimate stress hack & has many benefits. It can be used in a variety of situations to bring yourself to a place of calm or even heighten your spiritual powers! Benefits of Alternate Nostril Breathing:  Reduce worry, stress, anxiety & calm you down, Improve respiratory health, Improve cardiovascular health, Kick start a workout or any sort of activity that requires more breathing, Improve spiritual powers. Practice: Use this technique in different situations in your day to day life & see where it fits into your life. Then use it & practice it wherever you feel it can benefit you.

REVIEW: Feel into when these techniques (especially the conscious breathing & deep belly breathing) could be used in your day to day life. Like I mean really have a feel into this right now & write down the best time you feel it could benefit you. Then take action & do it.


Smoothies can be made up of whatever ingredients you would like! Smoothies can be made up of amazing, fun, healthy, nourishing & magical ingredients which will raise your vibration. This is the one meal I eat basically everyday.
A Smoothie a day makes your body go yay! I am well aware, I use many ingredients but pick & choose what you can & make up a smoothie to suit yourself & what you enjoy! Basically all the ingredients I use are organic but if you can't get organic, get what you can and still enjoy the magic that smoothies have to offer.

PRACTICE: Having a smoothie at least 2-3 times a week & see if you feel any different or up it even more if you feel so.


Organic Food is more expensive than the supermarket food for a reason. 

Organic food isn't sprayed with any chemicals & some of the benefits of Eating Organic are:

Increases Energy

Increases Intuition & Clarity

Better Decision Making

Enhances Immune System

Prevents Cancer & Premature Ageing

Reduced Pesticide Presence

Promotes Animal Welfare

Removes Stress & Removes Feeling Heavy

As I said above, eating only organic may be expensive & not possible for all but at the same time if you take away money you are spending on non-necessities & spend that money on organic food, this in my opinion is investing in yourself. 

PRACTICE: Purely eating organic food for a period of time be it 2-4 weeks & feel into how much better your body, mind & soul feels.

Also some awareness into Processed Foods and GMO (GMO=Genetically Modified Organisms) Foods as they are not particularly good for us. Only you can make your own mind up, that's why research here will benefit you & your family greatly in the long run. All I will say is some of these foods can distort our ability to think clearly & impact negatively on a clear mindset. This is the same as sugar, sugar is not good for you... but hey, you already knew that. I know, sugar tastes great but it isn't good for us and one thing I learnt with research is that it's a man-made chemical but again, do you own research if you want to learn more.




As you can see above, this is a natural Circadian Rhythm cycle (which is here for us all btw) & it allows our body to function at it's optimal level. The above image shows the recommended times of the day to do different activities aswell as limiting other activities in order again to allow your body to function at it's optimum level. Synchronizing your Circadian Rhythm with your day to day life will positivity influence many areas of your life especially your sleeping cycle as your body will be harmonized with the flow of the Earth. The Sun & Moon is very relevant in the recommended action/non-action during different times of the day. 

PRACTICE: The best ways to assist in regulating Circadian Rhythm are:
Physical activity & move your energy
Avoid artificial light after sundown
Bring in plenty of natural light
Eat the right foods & eat during the daytime

Circadian Rhythms are found in most living things such as animals, plants & within human-beings aswell. The term originates from a Latin & means approximately-circa & daily-diem. This has been studied vigorously & if you'd like to do your own research, please feel free to check it out.


Yerba Maté is a traditional South American herb drink that has the energy of coffee, the health benefits of tea & the joy of chocolate. This magical drink is an amazing alternative to coffee & has many benefits to assist in day to day living. It's also an amazing alternative to energy drinks such as gatorade, red bull, V, powerade, etc as it provides amazing clean energy instead of sugars & all sorts of other goodies.​

Benefits Of Yerba Maté:

*Rich in antioxidants & nutrients
*Boosts energy & physical performance
*Boosts focus & well-being
*Digestive aid
*High in potassium, magnesium, amino acids & B vitamins

alkaline filtered WATER

Alkaline Water is basically filtered water that is better for you than tap water.

Some of the benefits of making the switch from tap water to Alkaline Water are:
Assists with digestion
Helps detox the body by removing heavy metals
Better for our skin & can make us look younger
Great for muscle & joints
More energy

Alkaline Water's greatest benefit though is the boosting of our immunity. Our immune system helps neutralise the acidity in our body which is caused by poor diet, stress & environmental toxins.

I suggest to do your own research into tap water as tap water has a chemical in it called fluoride. Despite being good for our teeth, fluoride isn't good for our general well-being, decision making aswell as much much more. In my opinion it's used to docile the population, keeping people weak-minded & unable to think clearly which leads to being easier to be controlled. Do some research into fluoride as a lot of this information has been suppressed over the years.

PRACTICE: Buying yourself a filter system, yes it is a little bit expensive but again an investment into yourself that is in fact priceless! Here is the website I got my system from:

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