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Confrontation Communication
The first thing I would like to touch on here is that when something or someone is effecting your state of being, confronting & dealing with that energy is an amazing way to release that tension/pressure & allow you to move forward in peace. An example of this can be to confront & speak to someone about the way they are treating you to bring in more self-love boundaries & self-love in general to show yourself & the Universe that you don't deserve to be treated a certain way.

Confrontation can also have a different perception where you can walk away from toxicity & negative energy, especially when it no longer serves you. An example of this is if you continue to feel obliged to give your energy to someone or groups of people in your experience that continue to disrespect you, after you've already let them know it's not on.
It's on you to install self-love boundaries and potentially give that being less attention & maybe even no attention to restore balance.

Practice any of the above to raise your vibration & to become OK with confrontation.

When we expand ourselves & go towards any area that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, this will allow for expansion within & radical growth within. This is self-love & may seem painful or difficult in the moment, however what comes after the pain is amazingness & a gift for us. 

Holding Space
When you hold space for others, you allow an experience with no distortions. What do I mean by that? Well I mean you can have a conversation with someone where they are fully allowed to express themselves without being cut off while they are talking/expressing which will lead to a more meaningful & truthful conversation. They will also feel safe & comfortable to be themselves fully & express what they really want to express. When you hold space for you, you allow yourself to hear what the other person is saying & not jump to conclusions/get triggered or go to reactive mode. Practicing Holding space in the moment & not reacting quickly allows you to see if what the other person is saying is meant for you or not. What I mean by that is you may hear something that you don’t agree with which can be met by you calmly dismissing that belief/opinion or message from coming into your being by purely holding space & not having to react at all... instead simply responding calmly as you held space for yourself & are in a calm way within.

Acceptance Of Differences Of Opinions
If someone has a different opinion/belief to you, that's totally fine! It actually doesn't have to matter as the other being is living in their experience. However, if this opinion/belief is detriment to you & is an attack on you, then it's up to the individual with how they would like to deal with this.
Practice is to let the being know they have disrespected & that you don't agree with whatever energy they have put across in a calm manner.
Another Practice is basically the opposite & giving the energy that's come in no attention whatsoever & leave that energy/gift with the being that gave it to you. 

The term Loveguement, is a battle/argument that's born from love. Basically the argument is of someone trying to assist someone else, usually friends or family. With calmer communication & awareness that love is involved, a peaceful solution can be sorted out sooner rather than later.
If you get into an argument again with someone close to you, Practice in the moment to be as calm as possible aswell as holding space which means letting the other being finish what they have to say. This goes both ways. Also, realize in the moment what is taking place, a Loveguement. An arguement that's born from love which you can make the other being aware of.

Leading By Example
When we lead by example, we show those around us a higher path & a higher way of living. This can come into literally any situation that arises, one way or another .In this situation, leading by example during confrontation communication are when we do things such as Holding Space, Forgiveness, Emitting An Energy Of Good Either Way aswell as having a Positive Attitude.

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