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Meditation does truly amazing things to our body, mind & soul but here I want to focus on how great it actually is for our body and our mind! Firstly, if ever you are seeking relaxation and a weapon to defeat stress... MEDITATION IS THE ANSWER. Practice it for 20 minutes a day, practice it for 5 minutes a day, whatever suits the individual but if you allow it to assist you, it will.

Meditation is truly a gift and once we form a habit of it, it can truly allow you to be free of stress and basically be used as a balance provider if you ever need a reset or any sort of balancing.

Meditation calm the mind and even calms the body.

YouTube Video Links: 

Meditation Awareness & Benefits:

Guided Body Scan Meditation - 432hz:

Calming Beach Meditation:

Breathwork Affirmation Meditation:

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