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Firstly, understand that whatever that is bothering you within, wasn't intended. Also understand that you had an evolutional experience, that will be hugely valuable in the future/next time something similar comes along. BUT one thing that's very important here is that you LEARN THE LESSON.

Release & Let Go of whatever you want to let go of with the experience & whatever emotion that is within you, I suggest to feel it all the way through which may take 5 mins with the though itself or slightly longer. After you've got that out of your system, pick yourself up & be aware that this lesson had to happen for your evolution & will benefit you moving forward!

Also awareness that you didn't know any better is another gem here to not be hard on yourself so you can let it go & leave the past where it belongs, in the past. Leaving it in the past after learning from it is important as it is behind you and you've levelled up & learnt lessons/understandings from it that will benefit you moving forward. You have evolved!

A massive past of forgiving yourself, is showing gratitude for the evolutional experiences you have encountered & basically making friends with whatever encounter you had to let go of. And rewiring the situation to be an evolutional experience that allowed whatever you learnt from the experience be it strength, calmness, relax more, etc. Whatever you have evolved is what came from the experience to looking at the situation with gratitude & acceptance is a great way to make friends with it.

Again like anything, practice makes perfect so if you don't get it straight away, that's perfectly ok, just by being aware of this will help for the next time & then the time after that... then all of a sudden you start to understand that you're learning from previous experiences. So be kind to yourself, understand whatever happened, happened for a reason & that you have learnt from it... then move forward. Evolution baby!!!

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PRACTICE: BEING AWARE IN THE MOMENT if you being super hard on yourself for something you have done, understand you will learn from it, you will grow from it, it was meant to happen and then focus on moving forward & letting it go. This will lead to Forgiving Yourself.

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