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zen & calmness

The Gift of Breathing. Breathing is truly a gift and our friend for so many reasons and has so many different elements to it besides the obvious. Breathing Techniques can alter our state of consciousness aswell as calming us down if need be. Calmer Breathwork=Calmer Situation. Intentionally having a calmer breath in any given situation will enhance that moment substantially in your favour.

Here are some breathing techniques that will raise your vibration.
Deep Belly Breathing is beneficial to defeat stressful situations, anxiety & energy imbalances within. Sometimes just a few deep breaths is all that's required to take you from a stressful moment into a peaceful moment. Practice is the key for results with this.
Conscious Breathing is hugely beneficial in any given moment as it keeps you in the present moment. Practicing conscious breathing while doing anything from making dinner, while working, while in a conversation will only increase the oxygen within & allow you to be more in your energy & more present in the moment.
Alternate Nostril Breathing is the ultimate stress hack & has many benefits. It can be used in a variety of situations to bring yourself to a place of calm or even heighten your spiritual powers! Benefits of Alternate Nostril Breathing:  Reduce worry, stress, anxiety & calm you down, Improve respiratory health, Improve cardiovascular health, Kick start a workout or any sort of activity that requires more breathing, Improve spiritual powers. Practice: Use this technique in different situations in your day to day life & see where it fits into your life. Then use it & practice it wherever you feel it can benefit you.

PRACTICE: Feel into when these techniques (especially the conscious breathing & deep belly breathing) could be used in your day to day life. Like I mean really have a feel into this right now & write down the best time you feel it could benefit you. Then take action & do it.


Meditation is amazing for us & has so many benefits for our body, mind & soul and in this video, I touch on some of the basic benefits that Meditation does to you. 
Meditation is a great tool to go within yourself to levels you may of never thought imaginable
It's also an amazing connection to the spiritual world that is truly a gift for us all!
Organising a routine, daily practice is something I highly suggest & as going within can only lead us to more and more purity and bliss within.
Included is a 432Hz Body Scan Meditation that goes for 9 minutes & a Calming Beach Meditation that goes for 5 minutes. Finding other meditations on YouTube, Spotify or other apps is really easy also to find one that is suitable for you.
Doing any given meditation a go for 21 days to develop this magical practice in a habit. And again as I mentioned in an earler area, focus on your breathing during meditation & anytime your mind wonders, that's perfectly fine... just bring yourself back to your breath & calmly & slowly breathe again. Some days are better than others when meditating but don't beat yourself up, practice & embrace the gift that is meditation as much or as little as you like. I highly suggest once a day :)


Nature & Grounding are gifts for us all that truly provide so much positive energy and value to us all. Once embracing time in nature, you will feel the beauty & peace that Mother Nature gifts to us all. Exactly the same as grounding as again once embracing Grounding, it has so many benefits including stress reduction, peacefulness within, calmness, etc. I highly suggest to spend some time in nature if you get the chance or even spend some time in your backyard (or a park closeby) and ground your feet on the beautiful Mother Nature that is here for us all.
The Sun is our friend in the sky & is a HUGE ALLY for us all! The Sun is at the peak of it's power at the moment & is pumping our amazing high vibrational energy that will raise our vibration & allow for a better experience.
PRACTICE: Invest in yourself & go out into nature a couple of times a week & feel into the benefits of what nature does for your body, mind & soul. Also Grounding while you are there or even grounding in your backyard or local park will raise your vibration within 5-10 minutes of grounding.
PRACTICE: Getting at least 10 minutes of sun a day or every two days. Slowly up the increments of sun time as the more sun time you get, the happier your body will be


Sound Healing Frequency's such as 432Hz & 528Hz are amazing for our body, mind & soul. This video goes into 7 different Vibrational Frequency's and the benefits of them.
Using these Hz Frequency's around the house & before bedtime is a great idea in my opinion to raise your vibration.

Spotify Playlists: 432Hz:

Doing some research into these frequency's & further benefits is a good idea to enhance your awareness if you need more information about the frequency's.
Other practices here is put on 432Hz on a speaker in your household for certain periods of time (hours) & your house's energy & frequency will raise! Also putting a speaker on with 432 or 528Hz Frequency in your room, a couple of hours before you go to bed will enhance the energy in your room & your sleep.

Positive Uplifting Music is something that I highly recommend! Be aware of the lyrics that you listen to as some of the lyrics may have mixed messages or limiting messages. This is an issue for me as remember, your subconscious mind is always active & will be fully aware of any limiting lyrics that come into your space. 

PRACTICE: Listen to music that fills your soul with joy & lights you up.


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