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A bit of awareness into Beta Frequency. This is the frequency that is of constantly being alert and mobile which overextended periods in this frequency can burn you out. Below is a graph of the 5 different brain waves we encounter in our day to day. Feel free to explore this awareness & learn more about it if you feel.

human brain waves

Being aware of where we Focus our attention is important. Being aware of if our focus is not in alignment with our highest is important. Being aware of slowing down our focus to take us from a beta frequency to a much calmer frequency is important. All of the above will allow for a more balanced, aware & conscious experience.

Important awareness here with a term called 'Text Neck'. I stumbled across this a little while ago & it's basically extended usage on our smartphones/other devices with an arched back & bent neck. This can lead to neck pain, back pain, headaches & other issues. Simple awareness will assist in preventing any sort of issues as being aware in the moment of doing this is enough to prevent it. Other ways to prevent this are: Take regular breaks from your device.

Hold device at eye level as much as possible. Be aware of extended periods of looking down.

Keep your head upright as much as possible while on your device. Go for a walk after extended device usage.

text neck awareness
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